Gerald Situmorang Familiar SongGerald Situmorang Gets Intimate with “Familiar Song”

Guitarist Gerald Situmorang has just unveiled his second single “Familiar Song” that was taken from his debut solo album “Solitude”. We could all agree that Gerald Situmorang had a blast throughout 2016 whether with his band, Barasuara or as a solo act. “Solitude” which is an album inspired by his close attachment to a recording studio has brought us another side of Gerald that is sensitive, romantic and somehow lonesome. He also embarked on a tour to promote this album with saxophonist, Tommy Pratomo across seven cities in Java back in November. “Familiar Song” marks his second attempt in releasing single after “Old Stories” was launched four months ago. The song was chosen due to personal reason since it portrays Gerald’s attentiveness towards that particular recording studio with his emotions.

The acoustic guitar gently but dynamically play the tunes that lasts about 5 minutes. The 7th track from “Solitude” album was also visualized in a music video and it was revealed on the same day as the single’s release. The video was recorded long time ago when the album had just finished recording, signified by Gerald’s mid-length hair (his hair is now long and luscious). His special bond with that studio was shot in a sentimental music video directed by Riki Wattimena. The room is envisioned as a living thing and it looks more alive with the addition of moving silhouettes of a ballerina. “The existing recorded video was then combined with silhouettes of a ballerina who dances along to the tunes that I play. That ballerina is a portrayal of the soul of that recording studio which was represented by ballerina Irene Aryanto’s movements on a green screen,” Gerald further explains.

Gerald SitumorangIf you closely observe the ballerina’s movement in the video, there is also an element of rain on it. Gerald said that rain symbolizes his sorrow and the dance symbolizes his joy. Both emotions happened inside Gerald’s heart while he was in the recording studio and formed an intimate emotional bond with it. Those interactions were then translated to “Familiar Song” video that was uploaded since Friday, December 30th 2016 on his Youtube account. You could still purchase his album “Solitude” through iTunes and stream it via Spotify, watch his music video below.