Kopi Letek MalangLocal Coffee Goodness and Super Spicy Spaghetti on Kopi Letek Malang

Kopi Letek, a coffee shop that is located at Jl. Mayjend Panjaitan 141 A Malang has been open for business since August 2016. Some of you might not know the meaning behind the name “Kopi Letek”, “letek” is a Javanese term that is used to describe coffee ground that becomes sediment after it is poured with hot water and stirred. Kopi Letek is famous for their traditionally and manually brewed coffee using “toebroek” technique that results in “letek”. Having succeeded in opening their first establishment near Alun-Alun Batu, Kopi Letek opened their second outlet in Malang. We arrived at the media gathering they were holding on Tuesday, December 27th 2016 and we had a chance to try some of their signature coffee and dishes. Being asked the difference between their new branch and the first one, Agung, Kopi Letek’s barista said that in Kopi Letek Malang, they are now focusing on more sophisticated technique on brewing their coffee. “It is not just hot water and coffee, here we try to pay attention to little details including weigh the coffee beans, ground it until desired and pour the perfect temperature of hot water until it becomes a good quality cup of coffee.”

Kopi Letek Malang
Kopi Letek

Their effort was shown with the presence of a coffee maker machine, digital scale and coffee grinder. They also offer various coffee beans that would be weighed and grind after it’s ordered. Toraja, Mandailing, Lintong, and Kopi Letek which uses coffee beans from Dampit, Malang are their specialty beans. You can also choose your favorite brewing technique which are french press, syphon, toebroek and many more. Moreover, the second outlet of Kopi Letek also serves main courses and snacks for hungry tummies as well as various non-caffeine beverage. One menu item caught our attention for its explicit name and we thought we could have a little challenge, it’s called Spaghetti JNCK. Agung himself recommended Kopi Letek since it was relatively affordable and locally sourced. Spaghetti JNCK is a dish using spaghetti noodle as its main component, it was then mixed with chill-sauce based sauce with bits of sausage, carrot, and garlic. A tiny dim sum became the topping of the Spaghetti JNCK. By the look of it, we were already suspicious for it being too spicy to eat. On the first bite you would not feel it, but the spiciness was creeping up and it built momentum on the back of your throat. Our lips and tongues felt slightly numb but it was not as spicy as Samyang Fire noodle though, it was still edible.

Kopi Letek Malang
Spaghetti JNCK

A cup of Kopi Letek came to the rescue and the profile of the coffee tend to be more bitter rather than acid. It was very fragrant and the beans was coarsely grind. It was served with a piece of chocolate wafer which we dipped into the coffee, yum! Our friend also tried their bento set with egg, rice, salad, and ekkado inside. Since they did not specialize in Japanese food, we’d like to recommend you to try their Spaghetti JNCK or fried rice instead. Kopi Letek coffee shop exudes a vintage and rustic feeling with their interior decoration which incorporate old properties like vintage motorbikes, typewriter, organ, and a brick fireplace. The café is suitable for you who look for an affordable place to hang out and enjoy a freshly ground coffee. They also have a challenge to visitor who could finish Spaghetti JNCK in under 1 minute!

Kopi Letek MalangKopi Letek

Jl. Mayjend Panjaitan No. 141 A Malang

Coffee / Non-caffeine Beverage/ Main Course/ Snack

Wifi Available