Yura Yunita IntuisiYura Yunita Serves Amazing Cinematography for Heartbreaking New Music Video “Intuisi”

Anyone of you are involved in a long distance relationship right now? If the answer is yes, then we should warn you to avoid this video at all cost for we’re afraid it may contain some tear jerking scenes. Yura Yunita has released her newest single called “Intuisi” about four months ago and it has received great response from fans and listeners alike. The song has picked up serious digital airplay and even the lyrics video has been viewed more than a million times since it was uploaded. “Intuisi” has a special meaning for the songstress as she elaborates,

“Intuisi is a song that I made from the deepest and most honest part of my heart. Intuisi is also a very meaningful and personal song for me. I wrote it a year ago when I was on a trip to Japan. I created it myself with such emotional feeling. That trip itself was meant as a visitation and a show of support for someone that had been a very special person to me. However, when I got there, he totally changed. There was an inner conflict which led to the creation of “Intuisi” lyrics during one night at Kyoto. As soon as I arrived in Bandung and reunited with piano, I completed it with chords and arrangement.”

The song is an alluring pop number with dramatic string section that was recorded in Budapest, Hungary. There’s also a piano section that was done by Iwan Popo and the track was produced by Ari Renaldi.

Yura Yunita IntuisiUp to this point, after reading the explanation behind its lyrics, have you felt a little twitch in your heart guys? Nonetheless, the visual for this song will enhance the song to a whole new level. Yura Yunita took director Jordan Marzuki and actor Reza Rahardian on board to interpret the heartbreaking song to a very lovely visual.  These three artists have the same vision to realize “Intuisi” into one stellar music video with outstanding color tone, plot and styling. The video was shot in Japan, in Kanazawa city to be exact and depicts a story which translates the lyrics of the song both literally and metaphorically. Reza Rahardian successfully brings out a stiff character who is too engrossed in his job to ever pay attention to his significant other. Meanwhile, Yura Yunita shows her acting ability in the presence of one of the top actor in Indonesia and although we thought she needs a little improvement, the chemistry between them is there. The artistic visual demonstrates Yura Yunita’s knack for not only pleasing our ears but also our eyes. “Intuisi” is worth watching if not for the song, then maybe the beautiful short cinematography will do, watch it here