Leonardo & His Impeccable Six Hari KitaWelcome Christmas with Leonardo & His Impeccable Six’s New Single “Hari Kita”

Swing septet from Jakarta, Leonardo & His Impeccable Six have released their newest single “Hari Kita” in conjunction with Christmas celebration this year. They describe the single as “a gorgeous swing track, urban, covered in the breeze of citrus cologne”. This single marks Leonardo Ringo’s return in writing songs in Indonesian, since he declared publicly back in 2001 that he would not be writing songs in Indonesian again for it was deemed too corny and outdated. Magically, Christmas has brought the singer, guitarist slash radio announcer, to release the Indonesian single which sound pretty cool in our opinion. The single starts off with a mellow Motown sound, then on 30 second marks the tempo changed into something more jolly and uplifting to suit the joyous Christmas feel. Leonardo Ringo’s low and heavy voice sounds as merry as ever and paired with singalong and the sound of clattering sound of glasses, it has brought us to recall a festive holiday feast.

Leonardo & His Impeccable Six Hari KitaThe witty lyrics and cheerful swing melodies have purpose not only to celebrate Christmas, they also meant to recover the lack of religious tolerance in Indonesia’s current situation. The lyrics also touch the topic of politics a little, in which the election season has been used to fuel the tension of clash between religions in Indonesia. They hope that this single is fun enough to bring people together to dance harmoniously and eliminate hatred between them. Leonardo & His Impeccable Six or also known as The Magnificent Gigolos Seven choose to do a different route than their peers who opt to cover classic Christmas songs, they’d rather bring their own original tunes this holiday. Furthermore they also state, “Enjoy the peaceful Christmas with our latest song, because peacefulness is for all of us.”  The single has been available to purchase through iTunes or Amazon, and streamed on Spotify. Have yourself a merry little Christmas with “Hari Kita”!