Rotan & Kayu Waktu ItuGo Down A Memory Lane with Rotan & Kayu “Waktu Itu” Music Video

Vintage pop collective from Malang, Rotan & Kayu have released their first ever music video for the single “Waktu Itu”. The visual which was directed by Dananta Kitto has been uploaded to Youtube on December 22nd 2016 to coincide with Mother’s Day celebration in Indonesia. The concept of the video was pretty simple as the camera followed two main leads who are Rotan & Kayu’s vocalists and ended up in the band’s live performance. The band that consists of Reza (vocal), Mustika (vocal), Radit (guitar), Indra (bass), and Faruq (drum) took 3 weeks to make this video, starting from the idea brainstorming, shooting and editing. All the scenes were taken at State University of Malang, and the final live performance took place in the middle of central library’s front yard of the aforementioned university. Shot in one take technique and used sephia toned cinematography, the video exudes the feeling of reminiscing an old memory. With vintage property like an old Vespa and vintage outfit, watching this video is like seeing our parents’ love story back when they were young. The video has previously been premiered during an event called “Kepung Kampung” that was held at Kampung Warna Warni Jodipan, Malang.

Rotan & Kayu“Waktu Itu”, which we have reviewed before in our Music Wednesday segment, is a song that resulted from Rotan & Kayu’s manager story about a girl he was seeing a year ago (unfortunately she is now an ex). The story then became the foundation of the song, and Rotan & Kayu crafted its lyrics around this idea. “Waktu Itu” tells about two people who met and fell in love with each other, leading to the collision of both persons’ universes. The song has a little bossanova and swing element in it, that makes “Waktu Itu” sound unique. The track was recorded at Virtuoso Music Studio (Laga) and the mastering process was handled by Minor Cubes Studio (Bie Paksi). Meanwhile, Rotan & Kayu are still gearing up to make their first album and they have recorded almost half of the final tracklist. The songs that will be included in their forthcoming album are “Datang Bulan”, “Pohon UKM”, “Bulu Mata”, “Waktu Itu”, and the latest addition is “Melelahkan” which has been finished recording recently. Watch the music video of “Waktu Itu” below and follow Rotan & Kayu on their social media to stay updated with their latest news.