Lelawa Press ConferenceChanex Ridhall Pictures with Visinema Pictures will Produce Lelawa, an Action Movie about Plane Hijacking

Have you watched Captain Phillips? Con Air? or perhaps A Hijacking? Those movies have similar theme about public vehicles which are being hijacked by a bunch of terrorists. With the admiration towards elite force and action movie, Chanex Ridhall Pictures with Visinema Pictures will produce a movie with the same theme and it’s titled Lelawa. During a press conference on Monday, December 19th 2016, the producer, director, scriptwriter and the casts of Lelawa spill about this forthcoming project. The story begins when an Indonesian aeroplane was taken over by foreign terrorists, it becomes a mission for our country to save the hostage and land the plane safely. However, the complex nature of two countries’ diplomacy makes it hard to handle the situation. Hence a secret operation must be done by an elite force with the secret code, Lelawa.

This project marks the second time for both production houses to make a movie together after “Bukaan 8”. CEO Chanex Ridhall Pictures and Producer of ‘Lelawa’, Rosa Rai Djalal utters her admiration towards elite force initiated the movie. Then, she asked Angga Dwimas Sasongko from Visinema Pictures to direct this movie and welcome Salman Aristo on board to be the scriptwriter. They try to create a story for an action movie that has never been done before in Indonesia. Angga Dwimas Sasongko who is more known as a director for drama and romance movies feel challenged to direct Lelawa. He says, “I want to explore myself as a director after my last three movies were drama. I think to be a direcor as a whole (I) have to try something big, one of them is directing an action movie. Truthfully, action has become a part of me, I even knew film from action movies and I have just started watching drama during high school. Fortunately I can begin the project now (of making action movie), after only making action themed short movies beforehand.”

Making an action movie based on true story and true institute (Indonesian armed force) requires further research for the scriptwriter Salman Aristo. “The background setting of “Lelawa” which is about an elite force who is trying to save the hostages becomes an exciting challenge for me as a writer. Because I have to find out about many things regarding the strength of our elite force as well as weaponry which have to match each character in this film.” Lelawa will be starred by prominent Indonesian male actors which are Arifin Putra, Chicco Jerikho, dan Lukman Sardi. With the high expectation, hopefully this ambitious project could be delivered well. Lelawa is expected to begin production and be released next year.