Javablanca Present KejamJavablanca Share The Story from a Victim’s of False Hope with New Single “Kejam”

Javablanca, a pop unit hailing from Yogyakarta has just released their latest single called “Kejam” through digital streaming outlets. They also uploaded the music video for this single on their Youtube channel. Javablanca are a band that was formed by a group of young doctors which are Al Ghufron (vocal), Aryo Bhaskoro (bass), Giri Soeseno (guitar) and Ricky Andi (Drum). Through “Kejam” they want to portray a situation in which someone was given much hope, then he was left and ignored by this particular person he loves. The single was taken from their debut album “Time Machine” that was launched in 2016 via Yellow Records. Although having been titled “Kejam” and had frustrating lyrics, the single actually sounds pretty lovely and positive thanks to its sweet melody and instrumental.

Being asked where the inspiration for this song comes from or whether it was their personal experience, Al Ghufron wants to keep it a secret and further explains, “Certainly, the idea of the of this song comes from the stories from our friends who date someone for a long time, then they were only seen as a rebound or no one. They become a victim of false hope.” The video which was assisted by After You Pictures was shot in some places that turn out to be the actual scenes of the victim’s story. The video was beautifully done and it captures the essence of romanticism and also a little heartbreak and disappointment. “Kejam” music video also has a little plot twist which you can watch in its entirely below. After releasing their debut album “Time Machine”, Javablanca are now busy performing on some stages in Yogyakarta as well as doing their real jobs as doctors. Listen to “Time Machine” album and their previous single “3 Detik” on Spotify and it is also available to purchase through .