Ismail Basbeth Experiments On “Mobil Bekas dan Kisah-Kisah dalam Putaran”Ismail Basbeth with Picnic Cinema Experiment On “Mobil Bekas dan Kisah-Kisah dalam Putaran”

Having become a renown director does not stop Ismail Basbeth from exploring and venturing new things in his career. Ismail Basbeth, a director from Yogyakarta with Picnic Cinema have produced a movie called “Mobil Bekas dan Kisah-Kisah dalam Putaran” that was initiated by Bosan Berisik Lab. Picnic Cinema is a project where filmmakers push creativity and experiment as the foundation in making their movies. During a press conference that was held on December 16th 2016, Ismail Basbeth uses this opportunity to make his idealistic movie comes true. In “Mobil Bekas dan Kisah-Kisah dalam Putaran”, Basbeth was inspired by his worries of living among the society thus he feels the urge to get involved in the society itself while making this film.

Uniquely, the actors weren’t given fixed script and they were given more freedom to interpret and develop their characters while still following the main guidelines. Within 20 day of production in December 2016, the film offers a rather bizarre stories from several characters. There are many stories within one film and few of the main actors are Cornelio Sunny who portrays a character who loves his car far too much, until it sparks a sexual disorientation within him. Yan Widjaya and Karina Salim will act as a married couple who is traumatized by raping incident and are afraid to do any sexual intercourse. Dea Ananda, Leilani Hermiasih, and Shalfia Fala Pratika become best friends who believe that world could only be saved by music and love. Meanwhile, Natasha Goth acts as someone who feels that she’s a failure and Verdi Solaiman who become a ghost who haunts a car after he got hit by it until he is dead.

These stories of “Mobil Bekas dan Kisah-Kisah dalam Putaran” are an ambitious project by Picnic Cinema to become a platform for filmmakers to realize their wildest dreams. Using a crowdfunding method to start the production, the film opens the chance for public and experts in film to contribute. Profit that would hopefully happen after this film is distributed will be used to fund another project by Bosan Berisik Lab along 2017 namely Workshop Fun Filmmaking, Creative Development Laboratory, Picnic Cinema and Forum & Regular Exhibition and/or Screening. It would be exciting to see Indonesian filmmakers step outside their comfort zone and try something new!