Hadd Reveal "Wall Excuse"Hadd Break A Wall and Light a Mic on Fire with “Wall Excuse” Music Video

Hardcore/punk unit from Blitar, Hadd, has just released a new visual for one of their song called “Wall Excuse”. Being relatively new to the scene with under one year experience, the band has managed to release 2 EPs and 2 sets of tour across Java this year. Three months after finishing their Chainflower tour, Hadd that are comprised of Yossy, Delpi, Angga, and Mbote decide to reveal a music video for “Wall Excuse” on December 17th, 2016. The band is said to explore a wider scope of hardcore music without leaving the existing ethic of hardcore/punk. The creative process behind this video is the result of Greedy Dust, as Hadd’s record label along with the band members themselves. The video was directed by Delpi Suhariyanto, Tri Angga Awalokta, Yossy Andreas and Benny Pranama.

Hadd Reveal "Wall Excuse"In the video, we could see many things happening over the black and white cinematography. Besides performing and playing the instruments in a room that looks like a volleyball/badminton court, you could also find a man who’s skateboarding during the band’s set, a symbolic event of a man breaking a wall and Hadd singing over a fired up microphone among other things. Not to forget the band’s signature mannequin that is used for Chainflower EP’s artwork is also there. “Wall Excuse” video incorporates a lot of metaphorical elements that on one point we try so hard to find the meaning behind it. The song itself tells about an interpretation from Hadd about the current youth’s ecosystem in the middle of regeneration process. Without much consciousness within the youth about creating something new, it builds a ‘wall’ or boundary to the regeneration process itself. Confused much? Just let the music and the visual do the talking, watch “Wall Excuse” by Hadd below