Lunatiques Offers a Crazy Experimental Rock & Roll Ride with “Euthanasia”
Lunatiques Offers a Crazy Experimental Ride with “Euthanasia”

Lunatiques are a duo from Jakarta that comprised of Ridho Fachri dan Robba Zacky. The name derived from their experience of entering the music scene which was deemed as “crazy” or “lunatic” by their close friends. They have just released their first single on December 17th, 2016 called “Euthanasia” which could be loosely translated as unintended assassin. The band which was created after their small talk in a gig went on collecting materials for their music and finally released their debut single through Froothie Toothie Rekords. On the press release we received, Lunatiques label their music genre as EEP, which is an abbreviation for Experimental, Ethnic and Progressive.

Those three elements are present in their debut single and don’t be fooled upon first minutes of the song. Just like any experimental song out there, the song has a few surprises up on its sleeve. You’ll be soon finding yourself taken aback with such progressive change in the middle of the song and once again stunned with the fair amount of saxophone that is applied in “Euthanasia”. The listeners are taken to a dynamic ride with this song, it’s sometimes loud and on the other hand it’s like a whisper and has different charms in the span of 9 minutes.

Lunatiques Offers a Crazy Experimental Rock & Roll Ride with “Euthanasia”

The experimental song is combined with intro and outro voice over of one of the world’s tragic event which is 9/11. As it turns out, the whole song takes the point of view of 9/11 victims’ family. The devastating event that killed thousands of people has become an unforgettable and painful experience for the families of the victims. The tragedy has spread hatred, vengeance and deep resentment towards the perpetrators. Those feelings are tried to be captured in “Euthanasia” and Lunatiques position the listeners as the families of those who were unfortunately killed or injured in 9/11. Moreover, Lunatiques are planning to release an EP in 2017 with further details being kept secret. Listen to their single “Euthanasia” on Froothie Toothie Rekords Soundcloud below: