2016 Indonesia Culinary Trend2016 in Indonesia Culinary Trend – The Most Hype

This year, we have witnessed foodies alike craved various trendy and hip food and we have compiled a small list of what’s the trend and hype in Indonesia culinary trend from 2016. While doing our research we can’t help but feel inadequate due to our short amount of time to put this article together. Alas, if you have more food trend that we should add to the list, feel free to mention them in the comment section. We would be more than happy to include them in the list of 2016 Indonesia Culinary Trend. Let’s get down to business then, to see what’s making food enthusiasts gleam with happiness this year…

2016 Indonesia Culinary Trend
Pablo Green Tea Cheese Tart
Cre: Izanau
  • Japanese Cheesecake and Cheese Tart

2016 sees some famous Japanese brands entered Indonesian market with their famous cheese dessert which are cheesecake and cheese tart. Japanese cheesecake is slightly different than the regular baked cheesecake that we usually have, which is also known as Classic New York Cheesecake. Japanese cheesecake sees an airier batter that results in a fluffier and sponge-like consistency when it’s done baking. It’s because egg whites are whisked separately before incorporated to the whole batter. Japanese cheesecake also keeps the smooth and melt-in-your-mouth consistency that the classic cheesecake has. Japanese cheesecake’s cousin, cheese tart also joins the latest food craze with its creamy interior yet crispy and flaky exterior. The cheese tart boasts an ooey gooey batter inside which you could set to your liking. Japanese cheese tart is also available in a smaller version which also has molten filling inside. Japanese cheesecake and cheese tart serves various flavors like original, green tea (matcha), or chocolate. They also have each brand’s signature logo on the cake, which looks so cute!

Where you can get it: Pablo Cheese Tart, Fuwa Fuwa, Hokkaido Baby (JKT)

2016 Indonesia Culinary Trend
Smoothie Bowl
Cre: Buzzfeed
  • Healthy Bowl

This is definitely an indication of the rising healthy food trend that is happening in Indonesia. Following the footstep of wheatgrass juice, infused water, and granola cereal, Healthy bowl offers a healthier alternative to our diet. Healthy bowl consists of fruit smoothie, ranging from banana, assorted berries, or granola cereal in a bowl. It is then topped with fresh fruit toppings, oatmeal, granola bar, nuts, coconut flakes, or even chocolate chip. Smoothie bowl has been picked as the menu of several restaurants and the vibrant color from the dish also makes it one of the most Instragam-able food on this list. Hopefully the healthy movement will still shine next year so we could include it in our 2017 Indonesia Culinary Trend.

Where you can get it: Burgreens (JKT), Berrywell SCBD (JKT), Lareia Cake & Co (SBY), Dahr Eatery (MLG)

2016 Indonesia Culinary Trend
Satay Taichan 87 Bang Ocit at Senayan, Jakarta
Pic: Audy Prasetya
  • Satay Taichan

White is the new black, it is the case of satay taichan that got a lot of hype during this year. Different from Satay Madura, Satay Maranggi or Satay Padang that is marinated in spices and grilled until it’s charred, Satay taichan is made of chicken meat that is lighly seasoned with salt, pepper, and lime juice. The meat is then skewered and grilled until it’s well done and the result is chicken’s white cooked meat. Satay Taichan is served with special kind of chili sauce that is made out of red chilies, garlic, shallots, salt, sugar and water which is blended together. The sensation of the savory satay paired with spicy sambal is leveled up with more lime juice sprinkled on top. Starting the trend in Jakarta, Satay Taichan hype has been spread across the nation and enrich our satay variant.

Where you can get it: Satay Chan (MLG), Sate Taichan 87 Bang Ocit (JKT)

2016 Indonesia Culinary Trend
Pempek Salmon
Cre: Qraved
  • Pempek Salmon

The whole pempek game just got elevated with Pempek Salmon. The original pempek dish from Palembang which uses mackerel (tenggiri), belida or gabus fish is now using salmon as the main fish ingredient. The same method of cooking is applied to the dish and it produces several kinds of pempek like kapal selam, lenjer, and many more. Salmon gives a fancy touch to the rather simple and humble dishes and it is also served with pempek’s vinegar sauce called “Cuko”. Would you like to try pempek salmon even though it’s more expensive than regular pempek?

Where you can get it: Pempek Salmon PIK (JKT)

2016 Indonesia Culinary Trend
Aice Ice Cream
  • Aice Ice Cream

There’s a new ice cream brand in town and we embrace it with all of our hearts. Because, who doesn’t like ice cream? Aice, an ice cream brand based in Singapore has just entered Indonesian market during the third quarter and managed to garner attention anywhere due to its various unique flavors, unique shapes, and affordable prize. People have been instgram-ing this ice cream since its launch and helped the marketing of the brand. Aice ice cream has several one of a kind flavors and shapes that you should try which are Mango Slush, Banana Crispy, Sweet Corn and Semangka. Those flavors are available in the ice stick forms with some mimicking the real shape of the fruit. Too cute not to be snapped!

Where you can get it: Basically anywhere where you could find a blue ice box with Aice logo on it.

2016 Indonesia Culinary Trend
Fitri Tropica with husband in her Mukbang show
  • Mukbang

Not only the food and beverage item, we also try to shed a light in this burgeoning food trend called Mukbang. Originated from South Korea, Mukbang is a show whether live streamed or taped where a person or more than one person devour a huge amount of food for the sake of views! While some people are naturally good at eating big portions, some of them seem could not take any more food but shove it down to their stomachs anyway. The trend has spread to Indonesia and many other countries and while it could create an appetite for the viewers, it also sometimes makes us sick. Please watch with caution.

Popular Indonesian Mukbang eaters on Youtube: Ben from Awesome Eats, Ria SW, Fitri Tropica

2016 Indonesia Culinary Trend
Cre: Bonappetour.com
  • Raclette (Melted Cheese)

Some of you might not familiar with the term “Raclette”, but you must have understood a wheel of cheese which is melted and poured on top of food. That’s how to best describe raclete, a semi-hard cow milk cheese that is shaped in a wheel. It is then cut in half, and becomes one of the attraction on the dining table when it’s burned and melted directly. The heaping amount of cheese is then poured over a piece of steak, ramen, or grilled ribs. It instantly become the star of Snapchat and Instagram stories or videos. Look at that melting cheese!

Where you can get it: Willie Brothers Steakhouse (JKT), Ichiro Ramen at Ramen Village AEON Mall (Tangerang)

2016 Indonesia Culinary Trend
Light Bulb Drinks Packaging
Cre: aliexpress
  • Unique Drinks Packaging

We attended a fair amount of culinary bazaar this year and we see a rising trend to use uniquely packaged drinks in order to attract customers. Milk tea, mocktail, juice or coffee is packaged into unique plastic packaging that looks like a light bulb, IV bag, blood bag, ziplock plastic, baby’s milk bottle, or even dishwashing soap bottle. It is no longer the tastiness of the beverage itself, but the package also defines customer’s choice to purchase. Once again, the trend is also followed by Instagram-able pictures.

Where you can get it: creative F&B bazaar or market in your town

2016 Indonesia Culinary Trend
Samyang Fire Noodle
Cre: Flickr
  • Samyang/Fire Noodle

Korea sure love their spicy food, and their latest export is in the form of super-duper spicy instant noodle called Fire Noodle. One of the most famous fire noodle brand is called Samyang, and even though it has entered Indonesia’s market since last year, it sees a rapid rise of popularity this year due to many video challenge done by video makers or famous people. Just like how economy works, when the demand is high without having sufficient supply, the price will increase. It is also the case for Samyang fire noodle, earlier this year we suffered from what we call Samyang crisis in which stores and supermarkets across cities like Surabaya or Malang did not provide enough stock for this fire noodle. Retail price for a pack of Samyang fire noodle online, even reached IDR25K, when we usually could buy it under 20K. Thankfully, the crisis is over and now we can all drenched in our own sweat and tears while eating this insanely spicy noodle.

Where you can get it: Lotte Mart, Ranch Market, most supermarket with lots of Korean or imported items usually also have Samyang Fire Noodle in stock.

While concluding all the trends from culinary world in 2016, we also have to mention the constant popularity of coffee culture and coffee shops which spring out of nowhere one after another. It has been proven with the high enthusiasm upon Jakarta Coffee Week that was held a while back. Coffee product ranging from very cheap to expensive has become a part of today’s lifestyle and we salute you, barista, coffee maker, and coffee shop owners who serve good cup of coffee in a great place. Places that only serve watered down coffee with high charge in exchange for good views or ambience could go to the exit check please. 2016 Indonesia Culinary Trend was fun and scrumptious, we can’t wait to go on a mouthwatering culinary experience in 2017!