An Intimacy Vol.13Bandung’s Micro-gig, An Intimacy Vol.13 is Back To Discover Their Future with “Assembling Afterwards”

Eight months is a pretty long hiatus for a regular micro gig like An Intimacy. Having been held their latest gig on April 8th 2016 with the title “Departure” at New Majestic (ex-AACC), Bandung, An Intimacy has been missing from the music scene ever since. “Departure” has been able to give a platform for 9 bands that have previously performed on An Intimacy gig series to showcase their talents to mass exposure. Since its absence from the scene, Bandung’s indie scene has proved its spirit to remain active. Many humble stages sprang out and the micro-gig format has become an option for low cost gig for indie musicians. New music from the currently active bands or new bands popped up one after another and each gives distinct color to Bandung’s indie music landscape. Seeing this progress, An Intimacy which used to have a vision to regenerate indie music, has now shifted their attention to a new direction with the 13th volume.

An Intimacy Vol.13 becomes a new phase for the organizer to set a new direction for the micro gig. They decided that it is time to try something new, so the phrase “Assembling Afterwards” is chosen as the tagline for the upcoming gig. An intimacy Vol.13 will be held on Saturday, December 17th 2016 at Spasial, Gudang Selatan, Bandung. Rock N Roll Mafia (RNRM), Collapse, Peonies, The Schuberts, and Panda Selecta will be the five performers of the night. Once again, An Intimacy will collaborate with creative community and local brand, namely SKETCHLUR, which is a community of design and artwork.

An Intimacy Vol.13
An Intimacy 2016 Album Compliation

One more thing that you should not miss during this event is the launch of a compilation album called “An Intimacy 2016”. The album which is released in cassette tapes format will be given away to the first 100 attendees. The album contains documented shows from previous An Intimacy gigs and filled with songs from bands who have performed on those gigs. Those bands are Under The Big Bright Yellow Sun, The Fox and The Thieves, Ikkubaru, Tre, The Pilsner, Alvin & I, Pipepole, Echolight, Lamebrain, Littlelute, Kaitzr, Ellipsis, and Fuzzy, I. However, the compilation could not include all the performers from previous edition but they try as best as they can to provide local indie sounds that could give a glimpse of taste of Bandung’s music scene. Per usual, the gig applies free by invitation system, in which you have to register yourself to attend this gig through their website. For more info you could access the website as well.

An Intimacy Vol.13
How To Get Invitation for An Intimacy Vol.13