The Sky Is Portable Serves Aliansyah Caniago’s Solo Exhibition

The solo exhibition of artist Aliansyah Caniago with The Sky Is Portable brings forward the issue of identity. He explores identity by interpreting it through performance art, photography, video, and observation on several areas in Jakarta. On the opening night of the exhibition on December 8th 2016, Aliansyah Caniago presented his observation with performance art in which a video is projected onto him who wore a plain white t-shirt. There was also his drawings of hybrid forms on paper and wooden waste.

Another video showing his examination at Sunda Kelapa was projected on a drawing portrait. At the same time the journey of his ‘air navigation’ using pigeons started and another purpose was testing the theory whether pigeon will fly back to its initial home after undergoing such long journey. Want to see the rest of his observation unfolds? Then you should come to his exhibition “The Sky Is Portable” that is still happening now at SPACE: Gallery + Workshop. More info of the artist and his exhibition here.

Photo credit: ARCOLABS