Dopest Dope Balada Hampa UdaraDopest Dope Delivers Frustation of Being Disconnected to Earth on Balada Hampa Udara

The single Balada Hampa Udara by Dopest Dope has been afloat for quite some time and it was officially released on October 19th 2016. Since then, it has been able to generate more than 700 streams on their Soundcloud account. An email containing this single popped up in our inbox, so we decided to give it our earnest review in our Music Wednesday regular slot. The alternative rock band from Surabaya contains of Ricky Mahardhika (guitar/vocal), Sasmito Adi (bass/vocal), Oldy Pandu (drum) and Rifki Hidayat (guitar). This is their latest formation after going through member change a while back.

Balada Hampa Udara started out with guitar riff that reminds you of 90’s alternative rock band sound with a little touch of shoegaze. The cymbal sounds play a distinctive part that makes this song has a laid back feel to it. The melodic guitar then takes turn to give more bodies to the song. The vocal is kept in a middle to low register, something that a shoegaze band would normally do. We enjoy the song thoroughly and it becomes more and more enjoyable with each spin. Seeing the unique astronaut and galaxy-esque artwork, it is no wonder to find out that the single actually talks about it.

Dopest Dope Balada Hampa UdaraThe songwriter was inspired by a galactic/astronaut movie that he watched and how the feeling of emptiness in space could produce intriguing and deep thought. The plot goes on like this, vacuum of space and the ultimate loneliness was clearly felt by an astronaut that was doing his duty on International Space Station, until one day he was disconnected with all contacts with planet earth and he experienced psychological events that he never underwent before. It resulted in frustrated and sad lyrics in Balada Hampa Udara that said “Terlintas memori kesenangan, sunyi/Tenggelam membisu, harap, peduli”

The single is included in Dopest Dope’s album titled “Close To Death”. The album is produced and distributed by Demajors Independent Music Industry (DIMI) which you can get here. Listen to Balada Hampa Udara below.