Coldiac Album HeartbreakerColdiac, The Indie Rock Wonderkids Finally Release Their Debut Album “Heartbreaker”

It’s been a long time since the five-piece indie rock unit from Malang, Coldiac, has been teasing us about their upcoming album. But now the wait is over and their debut album “Heartbreaker” has officially been released today December 10th 2016. The long whirlwind journey to conceive their debut album is not without a reason. The recording process took a month during June last year, however, the lack of concept and planning from Coldiac themselves set the band in a long argument and confusion. There was no particular direction of what the album is going to be like, whether in the sound department or the aesthetic. The band initially planned to release the album back in December 2015. Due to the long process of finalizing the sound and visual concept, the band release the album this year, even though they have performed some of their songs live prior to the launching.

The whole recording process was done in GZZ Records in Malang and they involved several musicians to participate in “Heartbreaker” album. Electronic musician, MNTDS lent his thoughts and ideas on the album’s creative process. Steffani BPM collaborates in one of the track from Coldiac called “No One”, meanwhile saxophone player Ahmad Rafsanjani showcased his talent on several songs. Fifan Christa from Atlesta also participated in the making of a song titled “Love”. Mahatamtama was appointed as the mixing and mastering engineer for the entire album. Bhima Bagaskara, Hendisgorge and Dewanda Sindhi were involved in the artistic and visual direction of “Heartbreaker” which resulted in some artworks, photographs, video and visual graphics.

We have heard a little preview of each song from the 12-track-album, and by the sound of it alone, “Heartbreaker” embodies the feel of indie rock, soul, and a little bit of electronic with sultry and sensual vibe. Imagine The 1975 combined with HONNE and voila, you got Coldiac, of course with their own original flair. Furthermore, the band is planning to embark on a tour across Indonesia next year to promote this album in cities like Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Yogyakarta, and Malang. The album is available in both digital and physical format that you can obtain through several digital outlets like iTunes or Spotify, and order the CD on Coldiac’s Instagram.

“Heartbreaker” tracklist

  1. Doors
  2. Upside Down
  3. Look Around
  4. Don’t You Cry
  5. Take You Out
  6. That Was You
  7. Love
  8. Please
  9. No One ft. Steffani BPM
  10. Heartbreaker
  11. Liquor
  12. I Hate You