Bin Idris Debut AlbumBin Idris Envelopes Us with Philosophical Thoughts on Debut Album

Bin Idris, is a moniker used by Haikal Azizi for his solo venture. The musician hailing from Bandung who also happens to be the vocalist of band Sigmun, has just released his self-titled debut album via Orange Cliff Records. The stage name is utilized by Haikal as an homage to his father. This record is his second endeavor of Bin Idris after releasing limited cassette tapes several years ago titled “Muqadimmah” which can be translated as an opener. Through this debut album, Haikal graces us with such deep lyrical context through his songs, and his philosophical thoughts about the endless struggle of life are poured relentlessly with such eloquence.

As Budi Warsito describes about this album in a passage titled “Time is Temporal, Your Struggle Is Eternal”, humans are trapped in a vast tangle of misguided twist and turn, and this phenomenon also could not escape Bin Idris. He simplifies those worries into music that only used guitar, keyboard, and MIDI controller that were all played by himself at his home in Northern Bandung. While the mastering process was done by Adhit Android. The album artwork and layout was created by Yoel Niko Putra a.k.a Bujangankota with the photographs in courtesy of Robby Wahyudi Onggo. In total, 11 tracks whether new or re-released capture the nature of Bin Idris who is critical about ways of the world. War, religion, sadness, frustration, and silence become some of the subject matters of his poetic and metaphoric songs.

Bin Idris Debut AlbumHaikal has released the first single of this album called “Dalam Wangi” in which he portrays a silence that is creeping up all around him. The title of the song was inspired by his address that he currently lives in which is Jalan Dalemwangi. Through this song, he interprets that the best mechanism to face a total silence, is to wait. You could watch the music video of the single below

The record is available in CD format that has been distributed through several selected record stores in Indonesia. To check whether you can cop a copy of Bin Idris album, you could see the list of stores on Orange Cliff Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Here is the complete tracklist of Bin Idris’ self-titled album

1. Temaram

2. Rebahan

3. Jalan Bebas Hambatan

4. Pusara

5. Tulang dan Besi

6. Dalam Wangi

7. Di Atas Perahu

8. Calm Water

9. Laylat Al Qadr

10. How Naive

11. Inside a Room