DANDELIONS "Mantra Sakti" ArtworkDANDELIONS Collaborate with Two Surabaya’s Local Artists for Debut Mini Album “Mantra Sakti” Artwork

The rock and roll collective from Surabaya, DANDELIONS, are in the midst of releasing their upcoming mini album “Mantra Sakti”. They have announced that they collaborated with two Surabaya’s local artists for their mini album sleeve’s artwork. Those artists are Redi Murti (Sinyo) and Rakhmat Dwi Septian (Kuro). Both artists have previously involved in DANDELIONS’ artworks, starting from their official logo, comprising of yellow dandelion with a baby face in it and “Mantra Sakti” single artwork which features a multiple-handed God holding a bottle of liquor. Sinyo and Kuro already have acclaimed portfolio including Efek Rumah Kaca’s artwork for “Pasar Bisa Diciptakan” and Silampukau’s album cover. Indonesia’s renown metal unit, Seringai, also hired these artists to create their merchandise. No wonder that these two were once again asked to create an artwork for DANDELIONS.

The blues-rock band that consists of Jed (vocal), Adiee (guitar), Daniel (bass), Bay Rose (guitar), and Rafzan (drum) are known for their 60’s – 70’s flower generation inspired style and their reckless rockstars persona are clearly shown in “Mantra Sakti” album artwork. The two artists interpreted the album cover with Jed as the inspiration. As you could see, the artwork are filled with many elements from multi-handed and multi-headed man, to ornamental drawings like a gravestone and many more. They hope that this artwork of “Mantra Sakti” could make DANDELIONS cast spells that empower them to voice out the reality that happens around them. The satire and sarcasm that intend to portray today’s situation could be found in the lyrics of “Mantra Sakti” mini album. Hopefully, the band would stay true to this style and in return will bring out the best of Indonesia’s music and Surabaya’s music in particular.

Moreover, the band was also chosen to be included in a compilation album called “Kanal KPK RI” with their single “Impor”. The album that was produced by Erwin, an ex-member of band Dewa19, is not for sale since it is used for anti-corruption campaign through KPK channel. The physical release of “Mantra Sakti” mini album will be out on December 19th 2016 and the artwork from Sinyo and Kuro will be presented during DANDELIONS’ performances on Pameran Otomotif Surabaya and an event called Westphalia. You could listen to the single “Mantra Sakti” that was released in 2013 below. Viva Rock n Roll!