Skandal Releases SuperfineSkandal is Back with New Single Titled “Superfine”

It’s been a long time coming, but Skandal is here with a new single called “Superfine”. The alternative pop/indie rock unit from Yogyakarta which was formed in 2011 consists of Yogha Prasiddhamukti (vocals, tambourine), Rheza Ibrahim (guitars), Robertus Febrian Valentino (guitars, vocals) and Argha Mahendra (drums). They are planning to release their debut mini album “Sugar” in near future and the single is the first taste of what’s the album going to sound like. “Superfine” can be said as the representative of their current sound and they try to explore the aesthetic, sentimentality, innocence, naivety, melody, and hook that were produced by American or British alternative pop, pop rock, lazy rock and indie rock bands. You could also hear some influences taken from Indonesia’s 90’s to early 2000 band sounds through “Superfine”. We imagine the single could be the theme song of Lupus or F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and the song itself portrays an adoration towards someone highly attractive. The artwork was created by their guitarist/vocalist, Robertus Febrian Valentino, who happens to be a talented visual artist as well.

skandal-superfine_artworkFurthermore, their upcoming mini album “Sugar” will be released by two labels in two different formats. The compact disc format will be released at the end of 2016 through Yogyakarta’s record label, Yellow Records. While the cassette tapes format will be released in limited copies through new independent label from Jakarta, Winona Tapes, in early next year. The new single marks a new chapter for the band since their latest release five years ago. Skandal also had to go through several member changes and have to be far apart with their vocalist who is now residing in Jakarta. But after all the difficulties, they are finally be able to put out something new. “Superfine” can be streamed for free through Skandal’s Youtube channel and Soundcloud account. Pre-order their “Sugar” EP through the link here. Welcome back Skandal!