Puti Chitara "Goodnight"Puti Chitara Gives a Darker Ambience on “Goodnight” Album

Two years apart after releasing her solo debut album “Sarsaparilla Dream”, it seems like Puti Chitara has gone through a lot of phases in her life and she poured all those experiences into her sophomore album titled “Goodnight”. Puti explained that the materials in this album show a more personal side of her which is more mature. “Goodnight” portrays the loss and the death she had to deal with a few years back and you could clearly feel them while listening to the songs in this album. The album contains 8 songs that she composed and arranged by herself. With the exception of “Magical” which is a sweet love song, almost all the tracks will send chills down to your spine with its gloomy and haunting ambience.

The album which took two years in the making, showcases Puti’s capability as a soloist and pianist and further proves that she could deliver her own music just well. She adds, “I didn’t mean to create a new image by showing dark lyrics and arrangement, I just want to share my personal experience regarding what I felt several years ago through simple tunes.” “Free” for example, expresses her frustration and longing to be unbounded and “Goodnight” which becomes the closing track of the album sounds like a lullaby that’s beautifully sung by her to her loved ones. We could say that she has explored more dynamics in her piano performance and infused some other musical elements to make the record feels ethereal.

Barlian Yoga Chrisna acted as co-producer and audio engineer of this album, while the mixing process was done by Bayu Perkasa and Navil Favian Hilliard. Most of the recording process was done at Marco Steffiano’s studio with the creative process assisted by Komang Adhyatma. Few musicians also lent their talents in this album like guitarist Gerald Situmorang which filled in the guitar arrangement in the track “Goodnight”, Dika Chasmala who filled in the violin, Billy Aryo who filled in the cello and Bona Ambarita on bass. Meanwhile, the album artwork was created by Ali Hamzah Poerawisastra.

“Goodnight” has been released digitally on November 30th, 2016 through several digital outlets like iTunes or Spotify. The physical release is planned to be launched in early 2017 with a special boxset and will be distributed by Demajors Music Industry (DIMI). Below is the full tracklist of “Goodnight” by Puti Chitara, be prepared to be drown in the sea of darkness.

Goodnight Tracklist:

    1. Stratosphere
    2. Magical
    3. The Sweet Nightmare
    4. Free
    5. Snow in Summer – Silent
    6. Obsession
    7. Orion
    8. Goodnight (feat. Gerald Situmorang)