Loony Pony with Sound of Sand“Sound of Sand” by Loony Pony Serves a Twirling Rock Sound

Loony Pony has just released their first single titled “Sound of Sand” on November 23rd 2016 independently. The rock unit from Bandung was formed in December 2015 and they are made up of Kidam (drum), Yofa (guitar), and Ichwan (bass). Are you wondering why there’s no vocalist in this band? Yes it’s because they are an instrumental rock piece and through the first single, we got to know what the band has to offer to the music scene. Through a press release, the trio said that they deliver a thick rock sound for their debut single.

“Sound of Sand” opens with catchy guitar strum that we thought would build up the chorus. We were right since the following drums and bass build around this melody throughout the song. The echoed strum on the beginning changed into several style to avoid repetition, but we have to mention the drums that truly plays the dynamics in this song. The song twirls and tumbles as the drums kicks in and roars and the mid section of the song sees the guitar performance steals some spotlight.

Loony Pony with Sound of Sand“Sound of Sand” could be a show stopper when played live, but they have to carefully think about the dynamics and variation while playing the song. It could somehow turn into something that lacks “oomph” for its repetitive melody during the 3 minute and 15 seconds duration. The accompanying artwork for “Sound of Sand” features a picture of a ‘pony’ horse with negative and double exposure effects incorporated. Moreover, Loony Pony also plans to release the music video for their first single in near future. Loony Pony could be included on your rock playlist if you like the single and hopefully these guys will deliver more intriguing sounds for their second single or maybe album? Catch them on their social media and listen to the single below

Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/loonypony

Instagram : @loonypony