NOMU 9 Bites & BeveragesNOMU 9 Bites & Beverages, A New Spot to Hangout and Gorge Yourself on Heavenly Dessert

It’s like every time we blink our eyes, a new café will pop up right around the corner in Malang. It indicates the growing population that are eager to find a new spot to drink their favorite cup of coffee while indulging in a conversation inside a comfortable establishment. One of them is NOMU 9 Bites & Beverage which has just been opened at Jl. Pandan No.6 Malang about a month ago, and it has been quite abuzz with relatively good reviews from our peers. We decided to head down to the place and tried it ourselves. From the outside, NOMU 9 is very inviting with its huge sign and sophisticated exterior. The place inside, is decorated in a post-industrial styled interior with black and earthy tone as its main colors. It is combined with warm lighting and uniquely designed tiles that ooze out vintage feeling. The first floor is dedicated as a non-smoking place, while the second floor which is divided into indoor and outdoor is dedicated as a smoking spot.

NOMU 9 Bites & BeveragesWe tried an appetizer, a main course, a beverage, and a dessert from their menu. Those are Classic Quesadilla, Chicken Schnitzel Green Curry, Diet Mountain Dew and Lemon Meringue Tart. It did not take long for the waiter to bring out our order and here’s what we thought about it. Classic Quesadilla was made up of two pieces of corn tortillas filled with beef con carne (sautéed minced beef) and mozzarella cheese. It was seared until the cheese melted and then served with minced roasted bell pepper, a little salad, tomato dip and sour cream. They gave generous amount of cheese, so the quesadilla tasted cheesy and the ratio with the beef was balanced. The roasted bell pepper added a little kick to the dish, and when you dipped it into sour cream or tomato dip, the taste was enhanced and they complemented each other well.

NOMU 9 Bites & Beverages
Classic Quesadilla

Chicken Schnitzel Green Curry is deep fried chicken breast, drenched in green curry sauce and served with fragrant rice and crispy wonton. On the menu, the dish was listed as spicy but it turned out to be not spicy at all. The green curry had the distinguishable curry flavor combined with a little pesto (basil, garlic, nut) element into it, so it had this vibrant appetizing green color. The rice was cooked nicely and the sprinkle of fried shallot reminded us of Indonesia’s dish ‘nasi uduk’. However, the chicken could be more seasoned to make this dish flawless.

NOMU 9 Bites & Beverages
Chicken Schnitzel Green Curry

We had a sharing jug beverage called Diet Mountain Dew to wash it all down. The idea of sharing jug is having a liter of beverage to share it with your friends and it is perfect for you who come in a group. Diet Mountain Dew was a black tea based drink infused with strawberry, lemon, apple, and mint leaves. It was very refreshing and not overly sweet like we initially thought it would be. Our dessert came in the end, and from the look of it, it was too pretty to be eaten. Lemon Meringue Tart came in a mini/individual portion, rather than a piece from a huge tart. It had buttery pie dough as the base, filled with lemon custard and topped with torched up meringue. The cake had a little sourness to it, not too sweet and the crust made us want to scoop some more. It was one of the best lemon meringue tart we ever had in town and their other desserts was definitely worth to try as well.

NOMU 9 Bites & Beverages
Diet Mountain Dew

The ambience of NOMU 9 is cozy and inviting, they have comfortable seats that made us forget the track of time. They also have this signature wall designed with green leaves and neon sign that reads “Coffee, tea, or me?” and of course, it becomes the favorite spot to take pictures. Furthermore, the café also offers their signature beverages called NOMU 9’s Ultimate Iced Coffee (the combination of coffee and chocolate latte), Louise Louise (a blend of strawberry, vanilla, and mixed juice) and China Berry Tree (a fusion of raspberry, strawberry, mint, and soda water) that you could opt from the menu. Overall, NOMU 9 has a great atmosphere, a great dessert and excellent service. The song selection could be more refined for a better dining and socializing experience. We would love to come back to try their coffee and more dessert!

NOMU 9 Bites & Beverages
Lemon Meringue Tart

Appetizer and Main Course Price Range: IDR 22 – 40K

Beverage Price Range: IDR 15 – 32K (32K is for the sharing jug)

Dessert Price Range: IDR 23 – 25K

Service: Wi-Fi – Smoking/Non-Smoking Spot – Indoor/Outdoor


Location: Jl. Pandan No.6 Malang

Operational Hour: 15.30 PM – 22.30 PM

Reservation: (0341) 507 – 8286 / +6281232240482

Instagram : @nomu9.malang