lightcraft Presents Another LifeSee The Life Through A Refugee’s Eyes On “Another Life” Music Video by lightcraft

As reported a while ago in our interview with lightcraft, the indie-rock/dream-pop quarter from Jakarta finally released their music video for “Another Life” on November 23rd, 2016. Fresh after returning from their gig on Indie Week Canada, the band that consists of Imam (vocals/guitar), Enrico (keyboard/piano/backing vocals) Fari (lead guitar/backing vocals), and Yopi (drums/percussions) decided to release the music video that was shot in London, England. The song itself is inspired by the movement of displaced persons that have to flee from their war-torn countries to pursue a better life in another country. However, lightcraft does not want the main idea of the song restrict the imagination of those who listen, instead they let the listeners interpret it loosely. “The main idea behind it is the search for a new beginning, but the song can be interpreted differently according to how people listen to it. Heck, it could even be about life after marriage!” jokes Fari.

The video was produced by artist and designer, Charda Adytama and follows the daily life of Mark, a guy who said that he was a refugee in his own country. It unfolds the struggle of Mark who has to survive and seek for a job in the bustling city of London. It was shot in a very personal and amateur style which makes the video feel more close and relatable to those who watch. Moreover, lightcraft gives a thorough explanation about the song which is filled with various arrangement from the melodic vocals down to the dreamy music instruments. “Another Life” keeps a surprise on its sleeve, and they reveal that Sore/Marsh Kids frontman Ade F. Paloh along with BeniBono from indie-rock band KarnaTra lent talents by playing the trumpets and flugelhorn section in the song. “The songwriting process behind the song went so naturally, to the point where we were quite surprised as to how it ended up. We’d like to take this opportunity to extend our utmost gratitude to Mas Ade and Bono for helping us out. From the moment we came up with ‘Another Life’, I already had a trumpet melody floating around in my head. Thanks to them, we managed to incorporate it into the song,” adds vocalist/guitarist Imam.

lightcraft Presents Another LifeYou could watch the music video of “Another Life” below and the EP has been officially released digitally today, November 26th 2016 via several digital outlets. The physical format will be released on November 28th.