Ocsila Purba with "Happen"
Ocsila Purba
Semarang’s very own Ocsila Purba will entice you with “Happen”

Hailing from Semarang, Ocsila Purba or often referred as Ocy, has been in the music scene for quite a while. Starting her career in a band in 2010, the 24-year-old musician decided to go solo and wanted to further deepen her mastering towards electronic music. Her fondness towards electronic music surprisingly started with R&B. The underlying electronic music in R&B arrangement intrigued her curiosity. With another influences such as alternative, pop punk and pop jazz, Ocsila makes her own mixture of electronic music with the aforementioned genres. One of her craft that should be noticed is a track called “Happen”. This track has brought her to be one of top 12 finalists of Go Ahead Challenge 2016.

Ocsila Purba with "Happen"
The Artwork for “Happen”

The composer who said that her works are inspired by the music of Breakbot, RUFUS, Roosevelt, Panama, Odesza, and Imogen Heap, brings up dark and sorrowful theme to her music. She admits that “Happen” itself is the implementation of a complicated feeling and she let the listeners interpret the message behind this song, to their own understandings. She utilizes several music maker software, like magix , audacity dan wave pad to create her music, and she wants to broaden her knowledge in this area to make a better quality music. When asked about her chance to win the Go Ahead Challenge during Artwarding Night, Ocsila gives a diplomatic answer, “At this stage, it is a pride to be given this chance and consideration from the decision maker. Moreover, if I’m allowed to be given another opportunity and trust, I would like to say my gratitude first. I will make sure about my readiness and responsibility as a consequence of my future status (re: if chosen as the winner).”

Other than that, Ocsila will also perform her songs during Artwarding Night that will be held on Sunday, November 20th 2016 at Gudang Sarinah, Jakarta. She has prepared something special and one of a kind set which will combine visual and vocal. Albeit the short amount of time to prepare, she thanks the role of visual artist, photo-videographer, music arranger and her manager that has helped her to make her dream stage comes true on Sunday. Besides, she will also participate in the installation of fellow finalist, Rato Tanggela, which uses her music to accompany his motion graphic.

Ocsila said that the collaboration is meaningful to her, because she never thought that her music is appealing to another people especially a visual artist like Rato Tanggela. Without much pressure, she finds happiness in doing the collaboration and this will go down as one of the experience and motivation for her to keep on creating good music.