Go Ahead Challenge 2016 ARTOSPORA
The top 12 finalists with the mentors
ARTOSPORA: The final grand battle for 12 Finalists of Go Ahead Challenge 2016

(11/19) Through a strict selection process from 22,261 applicants, the top 12 finalists of Go Ahead Challenge 2016 will battle it out to their last blood on ARTOSPORA. The series of events leading to this final moment started from February, and it involved five seasoned artists and musicians to be the curators of this project which are Ade Darmawan, Anton Ismael, Arian13, Auguste Soesastro, and Arifin Windarman. During artist talk show and exhibition preview that was held for the media on Saturday, November 19th 2016, the finalists, collaborators and curators were present to give their thoughts about tomorrow’s big event. Ade Darmawan and Saleh Husein are appointed to be the mentor of ARTOSPORA, and Saleh further explains that ARTOSPORA would not only be an exhibition for the finalists, but also a platform to exchange knowledge for those who attend. This concept represents Go Ahead’s commitment to give a chance for the finalists to explore their passion in creative industry.

Go Ahead Challenge 2016 ARTOSPORA
Sesilia Fajar with her collaboration artwork

We also had a little talk with one of the exhibitor and finalist Rato Tanggela, who displays his art installation of a wooden house in collaboration with Jamal M. Aziz. He gave a little tidbits about his installation that has several peepholes that are scattered throughout the house. He let the visitor interpret it to their own version, and stated that people do not have to be too serious in analyzing his artwork. Meanwhile Rama Dauhan, as one of the collaborator says,”I am very happy to be involved in a collaboration project with Sesilia Fajar, finalist of Go Ahead Challenge 2016. The concept that was offered by Sesil was very unique and personal to me. Besides, I also got to learn new things from her, so in the end we exchange knowledge and ideas of this collaboration, certainly this is an interesting and refreshing experience.”

The 12 finalists of Go Ahead Challenge 2016 are Ahkmad Muarif, Kurniawan ‘Iwe’ Ramadhan, Rato Tanggela, Okyviane ‘Owi’ Liunic, Agus ‘Tomi’ Hartomo, Ridhwan Badar, John Martin,Sesilia Fajar, Kevin Pangestu (Jimjack), Ocsila Purba, Aryo Rahmawan (Morganostic) and Yulio Syafiq (Piston). Watch their installation and creation tomorrow, on Sunday, November 20th 2016 at Gudang Sarinah Jakarta and witness who will be crowned as the winner, who will get a chance to fly to Amsterdam!

Go Ahead Challenge 2016 ARTOSPORA
Finalist John Martin (right) with collaborator, Bryan Lie (left)

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