Rato Tanggela with "Nyoree"
Rato Tanggela

Dive Into Rato Tanggela’s Imagination through “Nyoree”

The rain has stopped and left a soaked road in front of your house in the afternoon, what would you do? If your answer is hide behind the comfort of your blanket, it is not the case for Rato Tanggela. The visual artist from Yogyakarta poured the inspiration of that fine afternoon into a motion visual graphic called “Nyoree” which makes him one of top 12 finalists of Go Ahead Challenge. His illustration incorporates strong lines and colors and through his observation and interpretation, he drew a house as the symbol of human’s characters. “Nyoree” sees his exploration to combine illustration, motion graphic and audio to give a different experience from just a still drawing. The houses that he drew in “Nyoree” also interpret honesty in his work.

Rato Tanggela with "Nyoree"

Rato thinks that through a motion graphic, the process of capturing a rainy afternoon would get more interesting. He wants to deliver a story in which could not be relayed well in a motionless artwork. However, in the process of making a motion audio-visual graphic, Rato Tanggela had to undergo several setbacks as he had to add several drawings to make the video seamless and face a technical difficulty in the process of rendering the video. “When it’s time to preview (re: the video), the computer could not handle it, the rendering was so long. Maybe it’s time to change computer,” laughs Rato.

On his collaboration with visual, mural and hand lettering artis,t Jamal M.Aziz or known as lapantigatiga during Go Ahead Challenge Artwarding Night, Rato Tanggela jokes that the universe has conspired to pair them up. He admits that they both enjoy the process of sharing their experiences and ideas, they are also free to create artworks without a stiff brief or order. Their collaboration project will tell about ‘ruins’ that might ever been felt by everyone. There is no technical difficulties during the process of creating the piece as Rato and Jamal have pretty much similar materials and tools to use.

They will display a house made of woods that are obtained from ruins to further deepen the initial concept they had. Rato will also collaborate with fellow finalist, Ocsilia Purba, who contributes in the audio department of the video that he will create inside the wooden house. The music from Ocsy supports his vision to convey a message through his video. The video has a minimalist concept that can be enjoyed personally. Later on, he wishes that the visitors would look for his installation with Jamal on Artwarding Night on Sunday, November 20th 2016 at Gudang Sarinah and he offers a more intimate experience with his artwork.