Owi Liunic with "Currents"
Owi Liunic
Owi Liunic Motivates You with “Currents”, A Movement to Go Against the Flow

At first glance, the artworks from Owi Liunic are seamless combination between popping colors, and doodle styled drawings, but you have to dig deeper to know that they sometimes contain powerful messages. No wonder that the visual artist from Jakarta, with her artwork called “Currents”, is chosen as one of the top 12 finalist of Go Ahead Challenge. She has a strong characteristic in her art, and with her distinctive style, Owi told us that she was inspired by several artists like Maria Ines Gul or Dick Vincent. She also cited the copywriting by Adam J. Kurtz as the source of inspiration to create her pieces.

Owi Liunic with "Currents"Moreover, we dissect her creation “Currents” and she explained that the idea started from her admiration towards each individual’s uniqueness. “Currents” has an empowering message that we should not bow down to society’s tendency to be uniformed and singular. It encourages people to be brave and stand out, even go as far as creating their own current to go against the flow. The experience of seeing her artwork gets more personal and intimate, as she installed her artwork in a relatively small frame. Visitors got a magnifying glass to better observe her creation and it made the rather boring art installation became a memorable experience. The philosophy of Go Ahead and take a closer look were well executed in “Currents”.

Owi Liunic with "Currents"
“Currents” is displayed with a magnifying glass

During Go Ahead Challenge Artwarding Night that will took place on Sunday, November 20th 2016 at Gudang Sarinah, Owi will get a chance to collaborate in a project with a senior artist, Dendy Darman. Dendy who is also known as the founder of brand UNKL347 will work together with Owi to create an art installation. “For the collaboration with Dendy Darman, I further explore the installation and interactive side of an artwork. I’m interested in making an installation using another media, not only with paper or mural,” utters Owi. The collaboration started with a concept that she offered to Dendy, and as a collaborator and his experience in interior design and construction, they decided the material to best fit with the concept was wood. With a short amount of time, they chose wooden doors as the medium of expression. Doors represent “chances” and it depicts the spirit to keep trying and trying and not giving up after an opportunity is closed in front of us.

Owi Liunic with "Currents"
Dendy Darman
Credit: Majalah Asri

Owi hopes that the visitors could find their real ability and make their wildest dreams come true, through her art installation. On top of that, she wishes that her optimistic artworks could inspire other people to create and make them dare to try and boost their inner potential as well. You could see other artworks from Owi Liunic on her Instagram or peek her portfolio here.