Exi(s)t #5 by Dia.Lo.Gue ArtspaceExi(s)t #5 Will Open Tomorrow at Dia.Lo.Gue Artspace

Exi(s)t program that is initiated by Dia.Lo.Gue Artspace has come to its 5th edition. Starting their journey in 2011, the event was initiated to become an incubator for artistic potentials, where critical dialogue between participants, mentors, and also curators is a crucial part of the process. In the fifth edition which will be opened on Saturday, November 12th 2016, the exhibition will involve Ahmad Fauzan, Dio Prakasa (Diodoran), Gadis Fitriana, Gabriel Sena, Fiametta Gabriela (Gaby), and Rianti Gautama who will display their latest artworks with the theme “Body of Land Surrounded by Water”. The selection of the particular theme is without a reason, sea is seen as an important part for human’s life. The curators, Mitha Budhyarta and Athina Dinda Ibrahim aim to explore the notion of sea.

The sea has for centuries been known to have a paradoxical presence. It symbolizes the vastness of nature’s beauty yet it holds within it a power to be destructive and feared upon. Literature, mythology, and early artwork have been recognized to use the sea to represent this dichotomy of nature. The exhibition will try to encourage the visitors to reflect critical thoughts about what roles (be they cultural, economic, political) does the sea play on local, regional and global levels? How do we analyze the social aspects of land reclamation as a method for creating new urban spaces? How should we discuss the relevance of ports – located on the waterfront looking outward – as points of contact between people, goods and ideas, from both a historical and present perspective?

Sea which covers most of our planet also has been set as a place for mythical creatures for centuries with legends such as kraken, monsters and many evil things alike. It will also prove the question on how have folklore and myths shape our imagination about land-sea relations? We think it would be interesting on how the artists tackle the theme and interpret it through art. Exi(s)t #5 with the theme “Body of Land Surrounded by Water” will open at 4 PM and will continue to be displayed until December 11th, 2016. Do not miss the chance to drop by Dia.Lo.Gue Artspace at Kemang Selatan 99A.