MonoHeroMusic Wednesday : Don’t sleep on MonoHero, A Psychedelic Ambient Unit from Malang

We first stumbled upon Monohero on our social media feed and thought this was intriguing and unlike any other material that went inside our mailbox. Surprisingly enough, the band comes from Malang and has released an EP called “Shimmy and Shimmer”. It consists of two tracks called “Aveti” and “Escalating Wanderlust”. MonoHero is the creation from Muhammad Fadhil Wafy as the main composer, with Arie W. Omen on vocal and Alfian Roesman who does the video mapping for their live show. While listening to both tracks on their EP, we’re like taken somewhere else where this world is nothing but a never ending stream of ambience, where Donald Trump did not win US election, where we do not have any responsibilities. For instance, it feels ethereal and soothing. Both tracks tell different stories that shape the music of MonoHero.

It is said through a press release, that their music is Psychedelic Ambient or “Psybient”. Their work is influenced by Tame Impala, Tycho and Brian Eno which are all included in our top musicians list. Their vocal can be considered more like a sound instrument rather than spoken vocals, because Aryo W. Omen makes various sounds while singing and it’s only made up of few words which is sung repetitively with different tones or range. They also incorporate some instrument that is made by sequencer, combined with guitarlele that uses ambient effect and dynamic broken chords which make their music sounds unique.

MonoHeroMonoHero have been to tour at several cities like Solo, Bali, and Jakarta between September to Oktober 2016 to promote their EP and now plan to collect new materials for their debut album that is set to release in 2017. For a comprehensive experience, you also got to see them live with all the video mapping beautifully done for their performances and their hippie like stage wardrobe. Listen to “Avaveti” and “Escaping Wanderlust” on the link below.