Bagas Yudhiswa "Self-Loathe"Bagas Yudhiswa Pours His Heart Out In a Solo Album “Self-Loathe”

Bagas Yudhiswa proves that his productivity does not stop with his current band, Beeswax. He has just released a solo album titled “Self-Loathe” over the weekend. The album is filled with six tracks and it reflects Bagas’ current state of mind.  If it is compared to Beeswax music, the new sound from Bagas takes clues from surf pop and shoegaze. On a press release he said that he didn’t want to think about genre anymore, he just did what he likes and hope that people would listen to it. All the creative process behind the album was done by the man himself in a relatively short time. One thing that could not escape from his works is, he still keeps his emo spirit intact. By listening to the songs in this album, we could tell that is filled with hatred, disappointment, low self-esteem and another form of sadness that take shapes into music.

Bagas also plans to release a music video for one of the single called “Hard Things” from this album. Meanwhile, the album has been released digitally only, but a physical release could be considered in the future. The album is released under Fall Years Records, an independent record label based in Malang. Below is the tracklist of the album and all the tracks have been uploaded to his Soundcloud account and could be streamed in full and for free.

Bagas Yudhiswa "Self-Loathe"
Self-Loathe Artwork

Self-Loathe tracklist :

  1. Hard Things
  2. Overstate
  3. Rather Than Be Yours
  4. Situation
  5. Still
  6. Swim