Aray Daulay Unveils a Music Video for “Good Man”Aray Daulay Unveils a Music Video for “Good Man”

Aray Daulay has just released his latest music video for a single called “Good Man”. The song is the third single from his debut album called “On The Move” that was released in 2014. “On My Way” and “Realize” were the first two singles released from the same album. The song talks about Aray’s wish for his two children to grow up as a good man and a responsible person. As a father and husband, the making of this music video also meant special to him as he could go on a holiday in Bali with his family and made quality time together. The video features candid shot of his two children and family, and directed by himself and Triaji Jati. The chorus feature wise words from the man like “Walk your talk, mean what you say. It’s what makes you a good man”

“Good Man” was written by him with the help of Didit Saad (guitar), Morris Orah (drum), and Rival Himran (bass). The musician who used to sport dreadlocks has recently performed on Synchronize Fest 2016 and performed his album there. The songs from his album range between folk, blues, and a little bit of jazz. You could watch the video for “Good Man” below and grab his album on iTunes.