The Display Mixtape Vol.3The Display Mixtape Vol.3: Boo

Still on that Halloween spirit? Or still recovering from the afterparty hangover? Yeah we totally understand it, so we made our volume three mixtape that kinda represents the dead. This time, Marshall Libert, a mythical man who came out of nowhere has created a playlist filled with 9 songs from local and international musicians that is guaranteed to invite the stranger things near you.

Marshall who also partially involves in a band called Sir Lommar John and writes his thoughts on his blog said that the mixtape should be listened at night. The eeriness and mystical nuance would be strongly felt by then. Here is the list of The Display Mixtape Vol.3 called “Boo”.
1. Kelelawar Malam – “Bangkit Dari Kubur”
2. Misfits – “Skulls”
3. Indische Party – “Serigala”
4. Obsoletala – “In The Midnight”
5. Sarasvati – “Story Of Peter”
6. The Cure – “Lullaby”
7. BRNDLS – “Awas Polizei”
8. Morfem – “Legenda Berbalut Ngeri”
9. Queen – “Invisible Man”

Guest Curator : Marshall Libert