Nanaba Records
The Landscape Parklife Tour
Nanaba Records present The Landscape Parklife Tour with Peonies, lightcraft and ikkubaru

Falling in love with music and its physical release in cassette format, Nanaba Records founder, Jodi Setiawan created the label which have pulled out several notable releases from Indonesian musicians and bands. Danilla, Sigmun, Marsh Kids, Peonies, ikkubaru, Kaveh Kanes, and Bedchamber are among the artists that Nanaba Records have produced the cassette tapes for. After participating in Cassette Store Day 2016 with several new releases, the record label have now shifted their attention on holding a tour across Java titled “The Landscape Parklife Tour”. Three bands from their roster, Peonies, ikkubaru, and Lightcraft are joining the tour that is going to be held on two weekends (two rounds).

Nanaba Records - Peonies

Nanaba Records - Lightcraft

Nanaba Records - Ikkubaru

Due to their departure to Canada to join Indie Week Canada, Lightcraft will only join the first round of the tour. The Landscape Parklife Tour will not only present the bands under Nanaba Records, but it will also feature bands from each city that they visit. The tour has several purposes, which are introducing these bands to a wider audience in Java, and promoting their latest albums “Landscape” from Peonies; album “Amusement Park” from ikkubaru; and EP “Another Life” from lightcraft. It is also the first local tour for Peonies after they performed in Zandari Festa 2016 in Seoul, South Korea recently. Lightcraft and ikkubaru who often perform in overseas will also become the magnet of this tour. Moreover, Jodi Setiawan who is also the member of Peonies said that the tour is also a chance for the bands to retreat from their routines. Malang would be the first stop of their tour, you could see the complete schedule of “The Landscape Parklife Tour” below.

November 5 – We Are The Pigs @ Houtenhand, Malang w/ The Breakfast Club (MLG), Young Savages (MLG), Combo (SBY) and Much (MLG)
November 6 – Hotel Maumu, Surabaya
November 11 – TBC, Semarang
November 12 – TBC, Yogyakarta

Prepare yourself to watch their tour with some of the releases from Peonies, lightcraft and ikkubaru that we love below
– Peonies – Whispering (All The Colours)

– Lightcraft – Living In Words And Letters

– ikkubaru – amusement park

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