Renjana Vol.2Renjana Vol.2: A small gig met with warm response

Renjana is a monthly music program that showcases indie bands in a full band format initiated by Kalampoki Quayhouse. Kalampoki Quayhouse itself is a creative joint dedicated to serve the guests with fine meals, drinks, music and provide creative consultations. On the second edition of Renjana, Kalampoki invited two rising indie bands from Medan and Malang which are Pijar and Beeswax respectively. Both bands shared a history of having been played on an international level festival We The Fest 2016 in Jakarta.

Renjana Vol.2On Renjana volume two that was held last Thursday (10/20), Pijar and Beeswax played on a rather smaller and more intimate gig straight from Kalampoki’s base in Malang. Albeit small, their sets were met with warm responses from the crowd. Pijar performed their songs from their album “Exposure” and managed to get the audience fired up. Initially the band had five songs on their setlist, but due to audience’s high demand, they added two more songs as the encore and “Boys Don’t Cry” from The Cure became the cherry on top from Pijar’s set on Renjana.

Renjana Vol.2

Renjana Vol.2After much enthusiasm upon PIjar, Malang’s own emo rockers Beeswax followed suit. They performed ten songs in total and added “Cricket” by Basement as their encore song. Beeswax pulled off their songs from previous albums “First Step EP” and “Growing Up Late”. They also sang “Refugee”, a song that is going to be on their forthcoming album. There were some technical problems during Beeswax’s set and despite a few minutes’ blackout, the audience kept chanting the lyrics to their song as if there was no problem at all. Overall, this second round of Renjana by Kalampoki Quayhouse has brought the artists and the fans closer. Interaction without a gap between them, makes a small gig like this becomes precious moments.

Renjana Vol.2

Pic credit: Rizky Endar