"Teman Sepuluh Tahun" Launching EventTeman Sepuluh Tahun by Dalam Jenggala x S.W.U.N : A collaboration project to please your eyes, ears, and soul

This collaboration project initiated by Dalam Jenggala with S.W.U.N is rarely found here in Indonesia. Dalam Jenggala is a duet of young writer and illustrator from Indonesia, Anom Farid and Roni Onet and together with S.W.U.N as musician, they have launched a book titled “Teman Sepuluh Tahun”. This is not your old fashioned kind of book, as it contains contemporary form of art that combines writing, illustration, and music with an addition of an audiobook. We attended the official launching and book reading of “Teman Sepuluh Tahun” that took place at RUCI Artspace Jakarta last Friday (10/21) and we were a little bit taken aback by the sheer amount of people showing up to the event. The enthusiasm proved that Indonesian youth are aware of contemporary art and the book brings something new to the table which intrigued their curiosity.

"Teman Sepuluh Tahun" Launching EventThe book contains thirteen series of short stories which are completed with beautiful illustration and are told by eight storytellers from various backgrounds and careers. Dalam Jenggala’s author, Anom Farid said they aim to give a new experience for book and music enthusiasts. The theme of the story is also unique as it mirrors the human life, but told in fable-like story, using wild animals as the characters, so the readers have a lot of room to imagine. A relationship between a deer and a wolf becomes the story in “Teman Sepuluh Tahun”, its dynamics in thirteen years is spanned into thirteen series. Moreover, besides an audiobook, “Teman Sepuluh Tahun” also has an official soundtrack which is sung by S.W.U.N and vocalist Debby Permata.

"Teman Sepuluh Tahun" Launching EventPrinted in a vintage printing machine by Binatang Press!, the independent publishing house from Jakarta has a mission to support young talents to explore their creativity and help to publish it to the mass. The launching event presented live performance from S.W.U.N and book reading by 7 female storytellers with a visual art in courtesy of Rendy Iskandar from motion house id. The experience amazed us in a way that a book has never been before. “Teman Sepuluh Tahun” pleases our senses and if you are interested, the book is available for purchase at www.binatangpress.com and the original soundtrack could be bought from iTunes.