Lokananta launched a website and new book

Lokananta Musik
Starting off as a vinyl factory and record label established in 1956, Lokananta in Surakarta has branched out its resources until it becomes a central bank for Indonesian music heritage. After releasing a digital music archive back in February, they also launched a new website www.lokanantamusik.com and a new book. The event took place at Lokananta on Jl. Ahmad Yani No.39 Solo and supported by Djarum Foundation.

So far they have uploaded 60 records from 1956 ranging from folk songs, Indonesian historical records and many more. The project is the result of cooperation between Perum Percetakan Negara Republik Indonesia Cabang Surakarta “Lokananta” with Lokananta Project that provide a platform for writers, photographers, and young designers to rebrand Lokananta as Indonesia’s ultimate music archive.

Lokananta Musik

The record label that was founded by R.  Maladi  with his two partners, R.  Oetojo Soemowidjojo and  R.  Ngabehi Soegoto  Soerjodipoero becomes the source for people to listen to masterpieces created by Gesang and Waljinah. It also has President Ir. Soekarno’s speech in “Message of H. E. President Soekarno on The Opening Ceremony of The First Asian-Africa Journalist’s Conference on April 24, 1963”, “Indonesia Raya” instrumental version with three stanza lyrics cover and also ” The Fourth Asian Games, Souvenir From Indonesia” which is filled with messages from athletes who competed in Asian Games 1962 in Jakarta.

Meanwhile the book for “Lokananta” is a result of research by three writers which are  Dzulfikri Putra Malawi, Fakhri Zakaria, and Syaura Qotrunadha. The book highlights Lokananta’s track record in the last 5 years and people’s effort to revitalize this legendary record label. Moreover the launching party was celebrated with music performances from Solo and Jogja’s musicians like Merah Bercerita, Teori, Punctum Remotum, and Sabarbar. Fifty copies of the book was also sold during this event.

Lokananta Musik

With the release of Lokananta’s website and book, we hope for Indonesia’s music heritage could be well documented for the sake of our music industry’s future. The three writers also voice out their wish for more collaborations on creative projects involving Lokananta afterward. Viva Lokananta and Indonesian music!