Danilla unveils music video for “Junko Furuta”


We could agree that Danilla’s debut album contains a lot of gems and they could not go unnoticed. She also decided to milk “Telisik” until its last drop by making the fourth music video for one of the song called “Junko Furuta”. Previously she has released the visuals for “Ada Di Sana”, “Berdistraksi”, and “Terpaut Oleh Waktu”.

According to Danilla, “Junko Furuta” talks about sexual rape, harrassment and abuse that are experienced by a lot of Indonesian women, which will later be hidden or kept secret due to our culture. The video is a result of an academic project by Universitas Pelita Harapan School of Design, majoring in cinematography. The black and white video is directed by Vanesza and it also features the singer dancing theatrically and doing metaphorical movements to portray the message of the song.

Watch the video in its entirely below