Obsoletala deliver haunting second single called “In The Midnight”


Obsoletala is a duo comprised of Os (bass and harmonica) and Tiff (vocals, glockenspiel, keyboard, bell) who hail from Jakarta. Starting the band in late 2015 with a different vocalist named Ines, they have released their first single “The Owl Takes Away My Heart” back in January. Having been through member changes, Obsoletala continue their venture in music industry with their second single called “In The Midnight”. They officially launched the single on September 23rd and release a physical record during Cassette Store Day 2016 at Kedutaan Besar Bekasi.

"In The Midnight" Artwork

The single tells about imagination that comes at midnight when the rest of humans sleep. For those who are still awake, all worries, anxiety, fear come crashing and dancing in their minds. The song sounds mysterious and eerie, the bass and glockenspiel work together to create a haunting atmosphere that befits the title of the song. With the new formation, Obsoletala plan to release their upcoming EP with three new songs and they have re-recorded a new version of “The Owl Takes Away My Heart” with Tiff on vocals.

Both of their single are available to be downloaded for free here and listen to “In The Midnight” below