Angsa & Serigala return with new formation and a new song

Angsa & Serigala

It’s been two years since the indie rock unit from Bandung, Angsa & Serigala put out a new material. To be exact, in 2014 they released a single called “Dua Harmoni”. Fast forward to 2016, Angsa & Serigala are now having a new formation and they also have a new single titled “Bulan”. The new Angsa & Serigala are made up of Hendra Arazzi (vocal and guitar), Megawati Sukmana (vocal and synthesizer), Yosaera Thoriq Ramadhan (guitar), Vicky Hediana (bass), Arditya Pradana (keyboard), and Viddy Herdiana (drums). They keep their originality by writing their music in Indonesian with a hope that people in Indonesia will listen to them.

Angsa & Serigala "Bulan"“Bulan” tells about an individual’s worries and sorrow, and those feelings could only be felt in solitude. The vocalist, Araji said that “Bulan” is about the battle between heart and mind, and the anxiety about the surroundings that can not be expressed, so it will all be kept inside and responded in silence. Musically, “Bulan” is the less ‘chaotic’ version from Angsa & Serigala. They used to utilize many instruments in their work but with this single they toned it down a little bit and thus resulted in a much simpler sounding song. Their sophomore album is planned to be released early next year and “Bulan” is a first taste of what they got in store. Listen to the single below