Stop What You’re Doing, and Listen to This Dat $tick Remix of Rich Chigga with Ghostface Killah and Pouya in this video

Rich ChiggaAs we’ve already heard from these past few months, Rich Chigga is finally going places. Starting from a twitter celebrity and now he’s being recognized as a worldwide rapper once he dropped Dat $tick music video on February 2016. Dat $tick was his second rap music he’s ever uploaded in his Youtube channel. The unique music video that he poorly made, make it seems ridiculous yet interesting. With ear-wormy beat, it makes the song even better to listen to, and the addition of Ghostface Killah further adds oomph to the song. The Wu-Tang Clan member enjoyed the video of it too much that he promised the 16 year-old Indonesian rapper to feature in his new remix of the song, and he fulfilled it.

Rich Chigga ft. Ghostface Killah and Pouya

Yesterday, Chigga uploaded a new video in his twitter, the remix of Dat $tick featuring Ghosface Killah and Pouya. In the video uploaded by 88Rising, it showed us that Rich Chigga was on fire moving forward riding his hover board while wearing his trademark outfit, polo shirt, khaki pants and his fanny bag. Despite of Ghosface Killah and Pouya’s appearance in the video, the two rapstars were seen rapping using visual effects, but that doesn’t lessen the epicness of the remix and the video itself. The video ended by Chigga moving backwards and was still on fire.
Grab the dopeness in the video below.

Compare it to the original viral Dat $tick video that Brian Imanuel, Chigga’s real name, made with his friends.

Writer: Dahlia C.