Music Wednesday: Summer In Vienna

Music Wednesday: Summer In Vienna – We’re In Love Again

Summer In Vienna is an indie pop band from Yogyakarta that consists of Matias Sri Aditya (vocals/guitar), Christiana Megastra Cendrawasih (vocals), Wafiq Giotama (bass), Rizki Baruna Aji (guitar) dan Anindita Bramasto (drums). It is their latest formation as of now, but before saying goodbye to their old ones, they released a single called “We’re In Love Again”.

Music Wednesday: Summer In Vienna

The song tells about simple things that bring back memories of love and in this song that simple thing comes up in a form of chocolate ice cream. The song is set to the opener of Summer In Vienna’s upcoming full-lenght debut album. So, how does the song sound?

Upon first listen, the guitar and synths in the song got us drifted away to a summer day. The vocal effect in the beginning fits with the whole love and ice cream theme. Sadly when the second verse hits, it kinda turns flat from the initial excitement. The whole song is easy listening and might be right up in your alley if you’re looking into summery, bubbly type of song. Moreover, Summer In Vienna could and should find the best pop formula with their new formation, because we like what we heard in the beginning. We also hope stronger and deeper lyricism to match the instruments.

“We’re In Love” is now available to purchase and streamed on iTunes, Deezer and Spotify.  Listen below: