Kunto Aji in Sounds From The Corner

Kunto Aji in Sounds From The Corner #24: A Beautiful collaboration of stunning audio and visual

Kunto Aji hit it big last year with his single “Terlalu Lama Sendiri” that became the anthem for all single people out there. The release of his album “Generation Y” further proves that his career has some future ahead and he’s not a one hit wonder. In the latest installment of Sounds From The Corner volume 24, the singer who originated from Yogyakarta has prepared a concept that will take the audience into a further understanding of his songs from “Generation Y”.

Kunto Aji in Sounds From The CornerHe features a pantomime performer and has his band playing in the silhouette. The pantomime mimics his narration that explains the intro and songs on “Generation Y”. The album is a result of experiencing life from millenials’ perspectives. In total, Kunto Aji perform 4 songs from “Generation Y” which are “Buka Buka Buka”, “Amatiran”, “Mercusuar” and the latest single “Akhir Bulan”. Check out the session on Sounds From The Corner’ Youtube account below:

Writer: Novita Widia