Music Wednesday: Sungai – Merah Muda
Music Wednesday: Sungai
Music Wednesday: Sungai

Today’s Music Wednesday, we feature a guest writer who’s also the mastermind behind Kanaltigapuluh, Komang Adhyatma. Let’s see his thought on “Merah Muda” by Sungai.

“Merah Muda” is a quite legendary track that surfaced in Yogyakarta’s indie music scene in 2000s. It is written by a shoegaze band, Anggisluka, that seems to stand the test of time.

Flash forward to 10 years later, recently the writer of “Merah Muda”, Gebee Lee recycles this old song-that tells about a wish to see a person he loves grows and becomes happy- with his new band, Sungai.

The new version of “Merah Muda” is quite different compared with the original one. With Sungai’s experimental-pop arrangement, the power of the lyrics still remains.

Acoustic and percussion instruments that are present in the new arrangement from Sungai sounds lighter than the original version that was brought with shoegaze arrangement.

Writer: Komang Adhyatma