Music Wednesday: PASCALE, a “Seduction” that is so hard for you to resist

Music Wednesday: PASCALE

R&B/Soul is a fickle genre to do here in Indonesia, but it seems the right fit for PASCALE, a duo hailing from Malang. The duo consists of Tama (vocal/instruments) and Derry (instruments) and they have just released their first single called “Seduction”.

Upon first listen, it reminds you a bit of The Internet’s groovy vibe and Teza Sumendra’s explicit lyrics. PASCALE can be said as the combination of both, this is the formula they’re trying to emulate with their first single. If we don’t know their upbringing, we might as well thought it is sung by some foreign artists.

The chord and beats got you groovin right on, and what makes us drop our pants is when the track hits 2:47 mark, the song takes turn into a different tone and that almost whispering vocals is damn sexy.

If the vocal dynamics could be played more in this track, we believe that PASCALE could be more attractive sounding. More vocal layer perhaps, or something to enhance the already-innocent voice to be more appealing.

Listen up to “Seduction” below, and get your night turned on.