Music Wednesday: Jerry Paper – Toon Time Raw!

Music Wednesday: Jerry Paper

We first heard his song titled “Ginger & Ruth” and it instantly reminded us of our favorite artist, Mac Demarco. With the same sleazy singing style but less raspy, Jerry Paper’s album “Toon Time Raw!” is a laid back record that accentuates not only lo-fi/bedroom feelings but also the clever play in instrumental addition, like saxophone or solo piano in some tracks. He even goes as far as infusing bossanova vibe into his song.

More of Jerry Paper himself, the musician’s real name is Lucas W. Nathan and he’s from California, US. His entire discography expands until nine albums, starting from his debut in 2012 (according to his Bandcamp page). Listening to his records feels surreal and our favorites from his newest album are:
– “Ginger & Ruth”
– “Stargazers”
– “Benny Knows”
– “Elastic Last Act”

Listen to his album “Toon Time Raw!” on the link below