Music Wednesday: Rotan & Kayu – Waktu Itu

Rotan & Kayu describe themselves as a band with chamber pop genre. They aim to take the listeners to a trip down the memory lane with their vintage sounding music. They are relatively new to the scene with one year experience, but they already grow as an artist. The members of this band are Radit (guitar), Reza (vocal), Indra (bass), Faruq (drum), Jojo (keyboard), and Tika (vocal).

Today we’re going to dissect one of the songs from Rotan & Kayu which is called “Waktu Itu”. The song is descripted to have bossanova flavor. As for us, the bossanova isn’t as strong as we expected it to be. It’s a minimal pop-jazz-bossanova crossover that will capture the listener to listen more.

The combination of both vocalists makes this track a standout. However, the verses could be repetitive. If only there were more improvisation in this part whether vocally or musically.

We really enjoy the swinging bossa, which in our opinion should be emphasized more. To sum it up, “Waktu Itu” is a delicate sweet single that could have been more interesting. Moreover, Rotan & Kayu offer a different take on pop and keep the indie music diverse with their choice of genre. We hope for a better and more consistent releases in the future.