Music Wednesday: Cocteau Twins

Music Wednesday: Cocteau Twins – “Crushed”

The godmother of ethereal wave, Cocteau Twins is one of the british bands that stood the test of time. Born in Scotland in 1979 from the minds of Robin Guthrie, Elizabeth Fraser and Simon Raymonde (who replaced Will Heggie), The trio did not taste a good amount of spotlight until the release of “Garlands” in 1982. The trio is a magnificent solid structure, with Robin Guthrie who produced the dynamic and dreamy composition, Elizabeth Fraser whose voice uniquely stands out even amongst the fellow vocalist at that time and Simon Raymonde’s talent as multi instrumentalist can deliver beautiful sounds even without actual drummer.

“Crushed” is a song about having a crush. As simple as that. Yet Cocteau Twins can simulate it into one remarkable musical journey and poetic lyrics with figurative language so deep, we could only wonder what really was the meaning of it. Created only for the label 4AD ’s compilation CD “Lonely Is An Eyesore”, the song is one of the most sought out singles made by this ethereal trio.

Pic courtesy: Cocteau Twins