Telepop 7: Telepopvision – “Reminiscing the past, Embracing the present, Welcoming the future” – Live Review
Telepop7: Telepopvision
Telepop7: Telepopvision

In a land of indie scene, it’s always a great sign if musicians are appreciated and welcomed in their own home. Malang is no exception, its music is living, breathing, and breeding. Telepop is an event initiated by Malang Sub Pop, to bridge the gap between indie musicians from various genre to perform together on a stage.

We had a chance to witness the 7th installment of Telepop with its tagline, Telepopvision. The show started a bit late from the original rundown. But since we’re in Indonesia, it’s a tolerable habit for some.

Telepop7: Telepopvision
Telepop7: Telepopvision

Pop-folk-experimental band, Folkapolka kicked off the show with their songs from “First Journey” EP. They performed 4 songs in total and being a total sweetheart they gave out a pot of plant for the audience. It’s a great opener for the rest of the show.
Chamomile was up next after the break and they gave a little musical intro before the performance. As usual, they performed in acoustic format and sang the songs from their “Yume” EP. Being a newcomer on indie scene, they did surprisingly well eventhough the interaction from the band members to audience could be more engaging.

At this point, people keep coming to the venue and made the scene a little bit hotter. Frank! brought the house down while performing the songs from their debut self titled EP. How we love seeing them perform energetically on stage and didn’t give a shit about anything else. Much took the stage later, and sadly their main vocalist, Anggi was absent so Dandy should suffice as the solo vocalist for the performance. It felt different without the complete format of the band, but they managed it well and had fun on stage.

What follows next was a little bit hazy as we were too involved in dancing with the crowd. Banana Co. & Friends got a little cult who sang along with them. Jenar performed of what we felt, a long setlist of their songs and they seemed very absorbed to the performance, it was a sight to see. 
I’m Sorry I’m Lost (ISIL), performed their post-rock instrumental rendition and we were brought to a different dimension with their musical craft. Coldiac wooed the audience with their performance and they didn’t forget to sang their newly released single “Heartbreaker”.

Telepop7: Telepopvision
Telepop7: Telepopvision

Young Savages sang a few songs from their albums and even managed to slip a cover of Cage The Elephant’s “Trouble”. Megatruh closed the night with a banging performance, and got the audience fired up until the end!

Overall, Telepop 7 shows that the local scene needs a stage, and that stage needs them too. We could feel the synergy, as the musicians pour their hearts out on stage and enjoyed the night by sharing their music to old friends and new ones. It’s a place to reminiscence the past of Malang’s indie music scene, embracing the present musicians with their new genres, and welcoming new listeners and fans in the future. Let’s hope we’ll witness another Telepop in many years to come with more artists and new faces!

Side note:
- The MC could be more informed about the performers beforehand, but he managed to throw some jokes thankfully.
Writer: Novita Widia
Pics by: M. Audy Prasetya