Stars and Rabbit are preparing for a tour in UK next week
Stars and Rabbit UK Tour
Stars and Rabbit UK Tour

Stars and Rabbit take the opportunity to promote their debut album “Constellation” really well. Having been on tour in 3 Asian countries, the duo folk from Yogyakarta set the land of Queen Victoria to be their next tour destination. The tour will be held from October 12 to 20 and they will visit 3 cities in UK (England and Wales).

They said that it’s been a dream comes true for them to hold a concert in UK. The tour that is titled “Baby Eyes” was initially going to be held later this year. But the permit and bureaucracy problems for their solo tour “Grow” make them postponed it, and leading to the UK tour dates pushed forward.

Stars and Rabbit UK Tour
Stars and Rabbit UK Tour

Bringing a full band format with bassist Alam Segara, drummer Andi Irfanto, and keyboardist Vicky Unggul on board, here is the complete dates for their “Baby Eyes” tour in UK :

10/12 – Gwdihw, Cardiff, Wales

10/14 – The Good Ship, London, Inggris

10/17 – Green Door Store, Brighton, Inggris

10/20 – The Dublin Castle, London, Inggris

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Pic credit: Adimas Reynard