Music Wednesday
Music Wednesday
Music Wednesday: I’m Sorry I’m Lost debut song, “I Hate You and Your Drama”

Post-rock is one difficult genre to tackle, you do not only play instruments and wish your listeners to bang their heads in an instant. Despite the difficulty, a new band from Malang “I’m Sorry, I’m Lost” are determined to prove that they’re going to stay and rebuild the post-rock niche that’s been left for a while in Malang’s indie scene.

“I Hate You and Your Drama” is their first debut song, and we’ve listened to it in both live and official recorded version. Upon the first listen, this song takes you to a journey of confusion, desperation and frustration. They cleverly take the song into quiet and loud mode and add eerie yet energetic feel to it. It reminds us a bit of Explosions In The Sky or Mogwai, and they are actually inspired by the sounds of these bands.

I'm Sorry I'm Lost
I’m Sorry I’m Lost

To sum it up, we enjoy this 8+ mins track and we highly recommend you to listen to this track with your earphones on. The band is one act to follow in the future!