Listen to Frau’s 2 new songs “Pull The Plug” and “Slow Burn”
Frau - Pull The Plug and Slow Burn
Frau – Pull The Plug and Slow Burn

We were amazed by her previous records, and songs like “Mesin Penenun Hujan” or “Sepasang Kekasih Yang Pertama Bercinta Di Luar Angkasa” are among our favorites from her. The musician from Yogyakarta has now released 2 new songs under a Dutch label, Casco, there are “Pull The Plug” and “Slow Burn”.

“Pull The Plug” is a track that builds up dramatically, it has a mysterious vibe in it and this song will be very fit as a Broadway or musical soundtrack. She also shows off her pipes in this song and it blows us away.

“Slow Burn” is a cheeky and fun track, it is said to be inspired by the late legend, David Bowie. She also mentioned Bowie in the lyrics. She plays the dynamics in this track where it starts off cheerful in the beginning, it paces down a bit, up again, then goes an enchanting piano and smooth hum that drifts away the listeners until the end.

We’re so glad that she’s back with these 2 amazing songs, hope an album is on the way real soon. Listen to the songs below.

Slow Burn

Pull The Plug

Pic courtesy: Frau